Rosemary (Rosey) Moorhouse

Step 1


These are the PITCHED Silent Disco transmitters. Ensure they are unpacked and that the radio antennas are screwed in and upright. We send out 1 to 3 transmitters for every hire. Our headphones can switch between up to 3-channels so you will require 1 transmitter for each channel.

Step 2


Ensure the transmitters are set to OFF, then connect the power cables and plug in to a power socket. The first transmitter you setup should be set to CH1 (Channel 1)

Step 3

Inputs & Switching

Connect the AUX cable into the AUDIO INPUT on the front of the transmitters, switch the mains on and then flick the switch from OFF to LO on the back of the transmitter. You will know it is on because the red POWER light on the front will be on. LO (Best quality 100m range) / HI (500m range)

Step 4

Connecting Your Device

Connect the AUX cable to your audio device through the headphone socket. This can be your phone, laptop, tablet or other device. We can also send out a selection of cables for different audio connections – please contact us for further information. Now repeat STEP 1 to STEP 4 with two more transmitters. The second transmitter setup should be set to CH2 (Channel 2) and then the third to CH3 (Channel 3) all connected to additional audio devices. This will now enable the listener to switch between the different audio on the 3 different devices. Top Tip – Keep transmitters elevated and spaced apart from each other using separate power supplies when possible.

Step 5

Turning On The Headphones

Press the TUNE/ON/OFF button on the headphones until the light comes on. Pressing the TUNE/ON/OFF button lightly after they are on will switch between channels 1, 2 and 3.

Step 6

Adjusting Headphone Volume

Adjust the volume of the headphones using the VOL. control. We recommend for best audio quality to turn up the volume on your audio device (phone/laptop/etc.) and then allow the listener to adjust the volume themselves using the VOL. control on their headphones. Top Tip – Use the highest media quality possible when playing/streaming music and the equaliser (EQ) settings on your device can be used to fine tune if required.

It's time to party!

All hire packages come with stands to display the headsets on. Each stand will hold 25 headsets. Now all you need to worry about is what tunes you are going to play! Holding the TUNE/ON/OFF button will turn the headphones off or they will auto turn off once the transmitters have been turned off. Enjoy!

Silent parties are the coolest thing in town

There's no other way to put it, silent disco parties are fun! They let you listen to great music, socialise with friends, meet new people and most of all try something new . . . When are you having yours?