Rosemary (Rosey) Moorhouse
Corporate Hire - Available now

Silent Conferences and Silent Training can cut down costs for business, utilise smaller spaces, increase participation and knowledge. Listening to anything through headphones changes the experience, removes excess background noise and gives the user greater ability to concentrate, thereby increasing their focus on whatever it is they are listening to. 

Statistics suggests that you will get up to 63% more engagement from your staff when you provide the right setting with silent headsets for your companies training and/or conference.

Silent conferences and training are all the rage these days and packages are now available completely tailored to suit your needs.

Let us work with you to get the best out of your team, whilst making training or your conference more engaging and fun. 

Who said fun and productivity can't go hand in hand! We know it can because we live it every day!

Contact us for more information on how it all works or if you would like us to come out to your work place for a short demo let us know.